GABRIEL’S OBOE? I have a lot of questions about Archangel Gabriel. Now here I have pictured Gabriel as a woman, because really, would you want some buff, blindingly white robed, Fabio-haired male angel giving you the news you are about to become a seriously unwed mother in a village where that is probably going to getContinue reading “GABRIEL’S OBOE?”

COMMITTEE MEETINGh In order to say something clever about my digital collage above, “COMMITTEE MEETING” I did a Google search on committee meeting humor, and while I found plenty of examples, none of them were…funny. That is because unless it is a business meeting of chimps, there IS NO HUMOR in a committee meeting. They canContinue reading “COMMITTEE MEETINGh”

WHEN I GET WHERE I’M GOING This small oil painting is based on a photo taken of my parents as they strolled a brick path at a church retreat. From the distance of 16 years now I interpret it as their walking on to Glory, when in reality they were probably headed for lunch. (The same concept, to my father!)Continue reading “WHEN I GET WHERE I’M GOING”