GABRIEL’S OBOE? I have a lot of questions about Archangel Gabriel. Now here I have pictured Gabriel as a woman, because really, would you want some buff, blindingly white robed, Fabio-haired male angel giving you the news you are about to become a seriously unwed mother in a village where that is probably going to getContinue reading “GABRIEL’S OBOE?”

COMMITTEE MEETINGh In order to say something clever about my digital collage above, “COMMITTEE MEETING” I did a Google search on committee meeting humor, and while I found plenty of examples, none of them were…funny. That is because unless it is a business meeting of chimps, there IS NO HUMOR in a committee meeting. They canContinue reading “COMMITTEE MEETINGh”


Cheerleaders, twirlers, band members and half the student body at Paco Rodriquez Middle School stampede in panic and horror as three aircraft drop out of the sky blocks from the school during an outdoor pep rally. The world as they knew it comes to a grinding, screaming halt. Tender Branches follows students and staff membersContinue reading “TENDER BRANCHES”

WHEN I GET WHERE I’M GOING This small oil painting is based on a photo taken of my parents as they strolled a brick path at a church retreat. From the distance of 16 years now I interpret it as their walking on to Glory, when in reality they were probably headed for lunch. (The same concept, to my father!)Continue reading “WHEN I GET WHERE I’M GOING”